Spring Cleaning | DIY Project

I came across a wonderful Ikea Swedish blog (Thanks Google Translator!) today and can’t help but love this very easy DIY project for spring cleaning purposes. Shelves are hard to find, especially ones that will fit your budget and taste. This option, created with Ikea’s PRÄNT boxes, is a great way to personalize storage space for all your favorite magazines, books and knick knacks lying around the house. These boxes range from $8.99 to $12.99! Visualize what you want your new shelf to look like and head on over to Ikea! I personally love the original creation, but I would surely switch up the colors a bit. So, how do you put this together once you have the boxes?

Choose different wood-friendly paints. The creators used two coats of water based paint.

After the boxes are dry, assemble them the way you’d like, and use thick black metal clips to join the pieces together. Clips are also available in various colors. If you’re not comfortable with simply using metal clips, feel free to improvise and use a different method such as glue, screws etc.



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