Treasures from Nashville

This weekend I went to see the Apache Relay and Tristen at the North Star Bar in Philly, and absolutely have to share how amazing they were! I adore finding new musical gems like these guys, and was very impressed by their performances.

Tristen is a Nashville singer accompanied by an entourage of equally down to earth musicians, including Buddy on guitar, and labeling their genre as neo-traditionalist pop. I was blown away by the originality of her occasionally raspy voice, and touched by her humility. It’s hard to find a non cookie cutter voice these days! oh, and she plays the guitar! You can find her CD, “Charlatans At The Garden Gate” here.

The Apache Relay was equally as great. Indie-roots sort of music with violin, drums, cello, you name it. The group was absolutely wild on stage and performed what I thought to be one of the best shows I’ve seen. Although the sound quality of this video kind of stinks their new album, American Nomad, just came out today!! Support the band and purchase their CD, only 12 bucks. I already have my copy 🙂




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