The Most Unusual Store in Philadelphia…

Located on 3rd street in Old City is a store. I pass this store everyday on my way to work but have not dared stepped inside until today. I have to hand it to him, (the owner) it definitely is the most unusual store in Philadelphia. If not in all of Pennsylvania. The MUS is filled with hundreds of bronze figures and perhaps a few shrunken heads that have been collected by the owner himself for about forty years now. I had to make myself extra little and tip toe through the place in fear of breaking everything. All the items are hand made in Africa and true collector’s pieces.

If you’re looking for something to make your home a little more interesting, this is the place. From masks to dinner sets to countless vases, he has is all. Some of the statues are gigantic and you wonder how he is able to fit them in his store. And let me tell you, this man will not bargain. Nope. I tried to barter three beautiful hand carved giraffe masks, but he was not having it. Apparently those pieces sell for hundreds of dollars in the most usual stores around. Oh well, I’ll be back for them.

{The hours are 10-5 m-f, no weekends. After a couple kids tried to shoot bow and arrows at each other, he will not open on Philly’s tourist infested days. He doesn’t want his wooden floors to turn red. And I quote.}


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