A crown of braids for Summer

image via Sally Jane

It’s been over fifteen years since I’ve sported the braids around my head look but every time I see it,  it brings me back to my younger days when my grandma took her time to braid my hair into a medieval princess hair crown. It was my favorite hairstyle during the first ten years of my life and the fact that it’s coming back gives me great joy. Since it’s time for weddings and summer hair styles, Here are couple options to make this hairstyle a little less childish and socially acceptable. Plus, you can play it down and make it less medieval by thinning out the braids and placing them further back on your head like Mary Kate.

Tousled Braid at the Crown by Lifestyle (Mary-Kate Olsen Look)

1. Distribute hair mousse  throughout your hair. Allow hair to air-dry.
2. Use a large-barreled curling iron to set hair in loose waves.
3. Pull out two of the loose waves you’ve created with the curling iron at the very front of the hairline to create a wispy frame around your face.
4. Use your fingers instead of a comb to create an imperfect center part for an overall tousled look.
5. With your fingers, section hair into two parts, then create two loose braids. Use a clear elastic to secure hair at the bottom.
6. Wrap the braids around the front of head, approximately two inches back from hairline, overlapping one another to create a crown. Pin this into place with hairpins the same color as your hair.
7. Gently pull out tiny bits of hair from the braids and other areas to enhance the tousled look.


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