¡Feliz viernes!

…(and Friday the 13th!)
Here it goes. I am officially done with my job in Philadelphia. Next week, I start in NYC. Although this is very bittersweet, I look forward to exploring a new city and to a more fast-paced kind of life. I’m also looking forward to a multitude of new ideas from the big apple. Meanwhile, here are some wonderful posts from around the web.
Image of  – Bison Carpaccio (Raw Bison) from Positano Coast where my coworker , Liz Q,  took me out to eat yesterday. Try something new every day! This place is amazing if you’re around Philly. We also had the Spicy Crispy Calamari (with goat cheese and cherry peppers) and the Fresh Mozzarella, Prosciutto & Roasted Peppers Panini. Yum.
.. and these Images of delicious Sushi are from Makiman on Spruce. (Raw Viking Roll and Tuna Nachos, both A++)

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